cowes trussesLarge loft conversion on a bungalow in Gurnard Isle of Wight.

If situated in the right location a good loft conversion can not only double the size of the bungalow itself but add a considerable amount of equity to your property for a small investment.
We have a tried and tested method of constructing a loft conversion without the hefty costs of completely covering the bungalow with un-necessary scaffolding and roof coverings which can end up in a vast loss of funds.
We start by stripping off roof tiles and rafters just from the lower wall plate level, build the plates to the right height and secure them together with ply as you can see in photograph here. Steels are fixed above the windows, doors and any unsupported voids.
Tiles, battons, and one rafter between every two are removed and then the remaining rafters are covered by plastic.
When the trusses and crank arrive between four of us we can then have the existing roof completely stripped in approximately half an hour.
As there is no tall scaffold in the way the crane can then place the trusses precisely over the plate onto our markings and hold it in position while we plum and secure the trusses in place.  Within one day we can then have the new roof up and tarpaulin placed to protect the roof.
As you can see in the picture opposite, the trusses we have used have a small wall up stand which gives you more head height at the given angles.
Inside we let the stairwell ceiling carry on up at the same angle as the rafters to give a spacious feeling, and with a large Velux this space could be used as a sitting room.
From start to finish this job took approximately 8 weeks excluding outside cladding of the property.